Exams & Cleanings


We practice Comprehensive Dentistry and know that a healthy mouth is essential to having a healthy body. When you visit our office, we take our time to perform an in-depth exam along with addressing any questions or concerns you have regarding the health of your mouth and how it can affect other aspects of your life.

We will diagnose and complete the appropriate cleaning for you and educate you about how to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Your mouth is a unique meeting place of teeth, skin, muscle, fluids, and germs. It gives us the chance to look inside your body without surgery. Over forty serious diseases, including bulimia, tumors, and AIDS, can be detected in the mouth. The texture, color, and condition of your tongue and gums can be evidence of high blood pressure or osteoporosis.

That’s why we encourage you to make at least two dental appointments every year, especially if you don’t get annual physical examinations.

We’re here to make sure your teeth stay in great shape. Along with the rest of your body.