Preventive Dentistry

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The mouth is the gateway to the entire body.

Preventive dentistry is a combination of routine dental cleanings and oral home care such as brushing your teeth twice daily along with flossing at the end of each day. This will help PREVENT decay and gum disease from having the opportunity to form.

Every person is different so our dental team’s goal is to help each patient achieve and maintain optimal oral health. We will create an individualized plan consisting of routine dental visits along with addressing any areas of concern and providing you with the knowledge of proper home care.

Are you unhappy with your smile?

Our main objective is to provide our patients with a healthy, BEAUTIFUL smile. We have many options available such as veneers, in-office whitening, short-term orthodontic systems, as well as Botox and Juvederm to help obtain the smile of your dreams.

A HEALTHY tooth is a HAPPY tooth.

Our office offers a range of restorative services to RESTORE a decayed or infected tooth back to optimal health. A few restorative services we provide are tooth colored fillings, root canals, crowns, tooth implants, and more.