Here at Tina Morehart DDS, your safety and the safety of our team is our number one priority. As such, not only do we invest in high quality equipment to take care of our patients, but we also invest in evidence- based recommendations for disinfectants and sterilization techniques.

As always, our goal is to be transparent with our patients, whether this be in regard to our personal lives, your oral health, or the infection control and sterilization techniques we employ. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, we were already practicing stringent infection control combined with prudent sterilization techniques. We want to share with you what we are doing in addition to keep you and our team safe. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!



Use of CaviWipes and Cavicide to disinfect the room after every patient

(Cavicide is on the EPA’s List N of approved disinfectants effective against the Human Corona Virus)

We will continue to use EPA List N disinfectants such as Cavicide that have been approved for use against Human Corona Virus.

Use of chair barriers for every patient in addition to use of Caviwipes/Cavicide

We will continue to use our single use chair barriers and disinfect the chairs with Cavicide between patients.

Single use Isolite during restorative treatment (Isolite has been shown to decrease aersols by its connection to a high volume

evacuation suction)

We will continue to use Isolite to decrease aerosols generated with restorative procedures.

Steam sterilization for all instruments after every procedure after they have been disinfected in an ultrasonic bath.

We will continue to use the best sterilization equipment available to us to autoclave and sterilize our instruments.

Utilization of single use items

We will continue to use single use items when possible.

Use of Lysol in common spaces included the doors, waiting room, bathrooms

Lysol and other EPA List N disinfectants will continue to be used in our practice for your safety.

Elimination of coffee bar and magazines in the reception room, to provide easy disinfection for this area.

Although we love our reception room, we will be implementing a call/text to patient treatment room system to eliminate waiting in this area.

Wore gloves, masks, jackets, and eye protection during patient encounters.

Our team will look a little different as we will be wearing faces shields in addition to our normal masks, gloves, and jackets.

All patients will be screened over the phone prior to scheduled.

All team members and patients will have their temperature taken prior to or at entry into the building.



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